Syed Rashdan

Tanah Rata, Malaysia Red Spider Mite

Syed is a farmer from Tanah Rata. He has been growing strawberries since 2008 which he sells in the fresh fruit market.

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The Problem

The red spider mite has become a serious issue for strawberry farmers like Syed. The mite affects plant growth causing fruits to be significantly smaller than normal and not marketable.  Syed has to regularly spray pesticide to control the mites and also employ labour to apply these chemicals. Because of this pest, the market for fresh fruits has reduced and this is a huge problem for Syed and other fresh fruit farmers.


  • Declining yields
  • Diminished profits
Syed Rashdan Syed Rashdan

Affected by:

Red Spider Mite Preferred Scientific Name: Tetranychus urticae


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