Robie Fidely

Tanzania Chromolaena oderata

Robie is a smallholder farmer from Sirurisimba village in Tanzania where she keeps some livestock and grows cereals and vegetables.

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The problem

The land around Robie’s village is being taken over by Chromolaena. The weed displaces native flora, which means her livestock aren;t getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy and getting thinner and thinner.

Chromolaena has also reduced soil fertility so it is harder to grow crops. Yields have declined. 

The weed is very aggressive, so it is very hard for the villagers to control.


  • Loss of livestock
  • Decreased grazing land
  • Reduced soil fertility
  • Poor crop production
Robie Fidely Robie Fidely

Affected by:

Chromolaena Preferred Scientific Name: Chromolaena odorata
Invasive Species - Species

A large shrub which has the ability to climb over other vegetation smothering native plants and plantation crops, reducing yields and increasing  management costs. 

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