Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim

Kampung Bukit, Malaysia Golden Apple Snail

Rahman is a rice farmer from Kampung Bukit.

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The Problem

After he plants his rice the Golden Apple Snail eats the rice seedlings causing major damage to his crop. This snail is affecting his life because he has to constantly control it at early stages before planting his rice. If he does not monitor the population of the golden apple snail everyday they will spread very quickly and he won't get a good yield at the end of the season.

He uses pesticide to control the golden apple snail but if he puts too much pesticide, it affects his rice yields.


  • Increased production cost
  • More time spent on the fields
  • Declining yields
Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim

Affected by:

Golden apple snail Preferred Scientific Name: Pomacea canaliculata
Golden apple snail Golden apple snail

The golden apple snail is a freshwater snail which is native to parts of Argentina and Uruguay. It was originally introduced across Asia as a food source, but has since spread rapidly through canals and rivers. The snail feeds on aquatic plants and has been devastating rice crops in the area.


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