Nor Azhan Marun

Haji Dorani, Malysia Golden Apple Snail

Nor is a young rice farmer from Haji Dorani.

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The Problem

Within seven days of planting his rice the Golden Apple snail attacks the young plants. There's about one snail every one square meter. These snails can bury themselves underground for 6 months and survive without eating. So he can't rely on pesticide only to control it.

“The golden Apple snail is really affecting my life because I waste so much time controlling it”, he says, “It is also costing me a lot of money in pesticide”. Sometimes when there's a high infestation of snails, he has to plant all over again which is also a big loss for him.


  • Lower yields and profits
  • More time spent in the field, less time spent with family
Nor Azhan Marun Nor Azhan Marun

Affected by:

Golden apple snail Preferred Scientific Name: Pomacea canaliculata
Golden apple snail Golden apple snail

The golden apple snail is a freshwater snail which is native to parts of Argentina and Uruguay. It was originally introduced across Asia as a food source, but has since spread rapidly through canals and rivers. The snail feeds on aquatic plants and has been devastating rice crops in the area.


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