Ng Han Chew

Kuala Ketil, Malaysia Parthenium

Ng is a young farmer from Kuala Ketil. He owns a banana plantation and also grows various food crops and vegetables which he sells in local markets.

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The Problem

Ng struggles with Parthenium because it is very hard to control and spreads rapidly. It interferes with the growth of his crops by competing with them for fertiliser. This has resulted in his crops suffering from malnutrition. When he weeds, the Parthenium seeds scatter and they germinate in a week especially if it rains.  “This weed is giving me headaches”, he says, “Because I have to control it regularly”. When he diversified into vegetable production, he had to weed first and plough the soil again in an attempt to get rid of the Parthenium seeds but this took up a lot of his time and energy.


  • Competes with crops for nutrients
  • Increased production costs due to herbicide purchase
Ng Han Chew Ng Han Chew

Affected by:

Parthenium Preferred Scientific Name: Parthenium hysterophorus
Parthenium Parthenium

Parthenium is native to South America. It was accidentally introduced to several countries and has become a severe threat in Australia, Asia and Africa. It can grow almost anywhere and spreads rapidly. 


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