Grace Kiseku

Kenya Prosopis juliflora

Grace is the Assistant Head of her village near Lake Baringo, Kenya. She and her neighbours are pastoralists so graze their livestock (sheep, cattle and goats) on the land around the village.

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The problem

No grass grows where the invasive weed prosopis has taken hold, so the animals are turning to the weed and its pods for sustenance. This is not providing them with the right nutrition so they are growing thinner and dying. The weed's thorns are also poisonous and are making those who come into contact with them permanently lame. 

Many of the villagers try to graze elsewhere but they are often turned away as people from neighbouring villages don’t want the weed spreading to their land.

Many people can't afford to keep livestock anymore and have nowhere to graze them because of prosopis. It’s causing huge problems for Grace and her fellow villagers. 


  • Loss of livestock
  • Maiming animals and people
  • Decreasing grazing land
  • Displacing native vegetation
  • Impacts on water supplies
Grace Kiseku Grace Kiseku

Affected by:

Prosopis Preferred Scientific Name: Prosopis juliflora

Prosopis is an incredibly aggressive invasive species which invades a wide range of habitats.


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