George Achilla

Kenya Parthenium hysterophorus

George is a smallholder farmer in Kikopey, Kenya. Around his village he grows crops to feed himself, his family and to sell at the local market. He also has a few sheep, goats and cows.

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The problem

George’s land has recently been overrun with Parthenium. He now has to weed much more regularly and his livestock can't graze on the plant.

He finds that the weed spreads very rapidly if it isn't controlled.


  • Increased weeding
  • Displaces native vegetation
George Achilla George Achilla

Parthenium in Kikopey Parthenium in Kikopey

Affected by:

Parthenium Preferred Scientific Name: Parthenium hysterophorus
Parthenium Parthenium

Parthenium is native to South America. It was accidentally introduced to several countries and has become a severe threat in Australia, Asia and Africa. It can grow almost anywhere and spreads rapidly. 


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