Elias Kamuga

Kenya Tuta absoluta

Elias is a smallholder farmer from the Mount Kenya region, several hours north of Nairobi. He grows tomatoes which he sells at the local market and support his family. 

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The problem

In 2015 Elias has lost about 90% of his tomato crop due, almost exclusively, to tomato leaf miner (or Tuta absoluta), which arrived there recently. Every year he sells his crop at the local market which gives him enough money to feed his family. He was relying on this crop. Fighting the pest with the usual chemicals didn't work, and as it can’t be controlled with pesticides, Elias now has to come up with an alternative way to earn money.


  • High percentage of crop loss
  • Few crops to sell
Elias Kamuga Elias Kamuga

Affected by:

Tuta absoluta Preferred Scientific Name: Tuta absoluta
Tuta absoluta

Tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta) is a species of moth. Approximately 1cm in length, Tuta absoluta was originally native to Peru but has become widespread across Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.


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