Aziz Hassim

Kampung Bukit, Malaysia Parthenium

Aziz owns a restaurant in Kampung Bukit.

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The Problem

Parthenium is growing around Aziz’s house, especially along the fence.  When he pulled the weed out, he got an allergic reaction on his hands. At first it was an itch then it got worse over time, later resulting in skin blisters that eventually burst. When he went to the hospital, he was only given a cream to treat the allergy but it did not work. He now uses chemicals to control Parthenium, but this is an additional cost to him.


  • Allergies that affects human health
  • Additional medical cost
Aziz Hassim Aziz Hassim

Affected by:

Parthenium Preferred Scientific Name: Parthenium hysterophorus
Parthenium Parthenium

Parthenium is native to South America. It was accidentally introduced to several countries and has become a severe threat in Australia, Asia and Africa. It can grow almost anywhere and spreads rapidly. 


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