Abdul Rahman Shark

Kampung Bukit, Malaysia Mikania

Abdul is a farmer from Kampung Bukit

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The problem

Mikania is a fast-growing weed so Abdul has to control it using chemicals regularly and this is costing him a lot of money. To save on pesticides’ costs, sometimes he tries to control this weed by hand or by using a brush cutter, but because it is growing so rapidly, he still needs to hire someone to help him and this is also adding to his production cost.  Since this weed invaded his field, he has to weed every week; he has less time to spend with his family and has to work harder.


  • Additional chemical and labour cost
  • Time and energy wasted on weeding
Abdul Rahman Shark Abdul Rahman Shark

Affected by:

Mikania Preferred Scientific Name: Mikania micrantha

Mikania (Mikania micrantha) is a fast growing vine which is commonly referred to as the ‘mile-a-minute weed.’ It was introduced to parts of Asia in the early 20th century, where it quickly became a problem.


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