Together we can tackle this problem...

Solutions exist for controlling invasive species. With the right interventions and regional approaches they can be managed and livelihoods can be protected.

We can prevent their spread by managing the pathways and vectors via which they travel and by implementing national prevention strategies.

We can also minimize the impact of established invasives on ecosystems and livelihoods by implementing invasive species management plans.

Specifically we need to focus on:


Raising awareness by informing local people of the different methods of preventing the arrival and spread of invasive species

Increasing capacity and providing tools for prevention agencies so they can identify and stop invasive species at their borders

Supporting horizon scanning and risk assessment activities so countries can judge threats and ensure plans are in place to intercept priority species.

Supporting development of national and regional frameworks for managing the threat of invasive species

Early detection

Supporting agencies responsible for early detection and eradication of invasive species, including interaction with external experts so we can tackle pests together before they become established.


Providing expert consultancies in managing invasive species.

Advising on sustainable control options such as Classical Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management and undertaking research on these as needed.

Implementation planning for selected control options and impact assessment

Monitoring and evaluation of selected approaches to ensure effectiveness