Close-up of parthenium weed

Managing the invasive weed Parthenium

Welcome to this information page about the invasive weed Parthenium. Here you can find out more about the weed and its impacts, download information materials and find out who to speak to for further information.

About Parthenium

thicket of parthenium weeds cover view of two school girls in Pakistan
Close-up of parthenium weed
Two male farmers in Pakistan pulling up parthenium from their fields

Parthenium is an invasive weed which has multiple negative impacts – on human and animal health as well as crop yields and biodiversity.

Parthenium grows during the spring and summer months, between April and November. It grows rapidly to a height of around 1.5 metres and spreads its seeds far and wide. Each plant can produce up to 28,000 seeds.

What you can do

  • Root out Parthenium on your land by uprooting it while wearing protective gloves and maks to prevent skin and breathing allergies.
  • Be aware of Parthenium. Check any bouquets that you buy don't include the flower.
  • Tell your friends and neighbours about Parthenium so they are aware of the risks too.
  • Share the information materials.

Learn more about Parthenium

Click the links below to view and download information materials about Parthenium.

Parthenium awareness poster

Parthenium information leaflet

Watch a series of public service messages on the many aspects and impacts of parthenium.

Who to contact if you have questions

For queries specific to your district please contact your extension officer or municipal council representative.

For more general enquiries about Parthenium management and this campaign please contact Dr Umair Safdar.


Umair Safdar, CABI


Phone: +92 333 0132431