Our Mission

Around the world, the livelihoods of millions of vulnerable rural communities are being seriously undermined by invasive species. Invasive species affect poor, rural communities disproportionately as they are more heavily dependent on natural resources and healthy ecosystems. Mikania mixed with collected fodder Mikania mixed with collected fodder

CABI is therefore seeking $50m investment to coordinate a unique, global programme with the aim of protecting and improving the livelihoods of 50 million poor rural households that are impacted by the worst invasive species.

Working with partners from around the world, this programme aims to find solutions to reduce the threats of biological invasion and contribute to increased food security, trade and help protect natural ecosystems.

We believe that this programme will contribute to increased food security, trade, and help protect agricultural and natural ecosystems.

We invite you to support the effort by getting your organisation to partner with us and by sharing our stories, research and information.

Working together we will find approaches that will prevent invasive species entering countries, enable invasives to be spotted and managed before they establish and find effective management techniques for those species already causing huge damage.

Read about our activities from 2014 - 2016 here.