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The global threat of invasive species

Invasive species are a global problem that has been reported to cost
the world almost 5% of global GDP or an estimated US$1.4 trillion per year

Himalayan balsam flowering infestation


It is estimated that 11% of the 12,000 alien species in Europe are invasive, causing environmental, economic and social damage. In the UK alone, CABI estimates that non-native invasive species cost the economy over £1.7 billion.



In Africa, invasive species disrupt ecosystems and threaten agricultural systems and crop productivity across the continent – often in countries which already suffer from droughts and food insecurity. For example, fall armyworm has the potential to cause maize yield losses up to 17.7 million tonnes per annum in Africa, equivalent to US$ 4.6 billion.



In Asia, invasive species reduce biodiversity and cause large losses to key crops – depleting the natural resources many people rely on for food, fuel and medicines. For example, invasive pests, including the common rice black bug attacks rice at all growth stages and cause losses of up to 35%, equivalent to US$55m, affecting the food security and income of 474 million people across Asia.

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